So if you are one of the six people who seem interested in what’s going on in my life then you need to bookmark this page.  All of my adventures from the summer were chronicled on my old blog, como un pulpo en un garaje, which can be viewed here.  I haven’t yet told all the stories I have to tell so there will be new posts there for a while yet.  But now that the adventure has moved from granite to tarmac, it’s time for a new format, a new subject, and a new style.  Maybe if I’m lucky (and interesting), more than six people will read it!  Maybe eight or nine people will subscribe!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I won’t make any promises about content or subject.  It’ll be just whatever I’m into at the time and if you think my thoughts and ideas are as interesting as I think they are then you’ll love it.

Visit often, share and leave comments. It reminds me that you’re still out there.