Today Duncan and I were innocently perusing the aisles of shoes at Winners (you should go) when we spotted a giant fluffy pair of hilariously oversized, overpriced and impractical boots.  You guessed it: man Uggs.  Girls have been wearing Uggs for years now insisting that their comfort outweighs everything else that’s wrong with them (which is everything).  Well of course I had to try them on.

A funny thing started to happen after having these monstrosities on my feet for a few seconds.  Once I stopped laughing about how stupid I looked, it just started to feel so right.  It’s like two tiny chinchillas cuddling your feet or like Luke Skywalker must have felt when Han Solo stuffed him inside a dead tauntaun.  Anyways, I quickly took them off and put them back on the shelf.  I didn’t want to get too attached.

Well what do you think readers?  Will man Uggs ever take off?  Do a quick google search for “men in uggs” and you’ll see how many macho celebs wear them.  Still, I can’t quite picture it.  It does seem to me that in the end comfy always defeats stylish.