Last night the temperature in Toronto dropped to -2 degrees Celsius.  I have been preparing for weeks so I wouldn’t be caught off guard by this event, stocking up on warm socks and sweaters.  Finally the time has come for all of us to don our winter woolies.  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve got to insulate myself against the bitter cold that’s on its way.

For you who say I don’t wear enough colour, that scarf is brown, which is a colour, and one pair of socks is navy, also a colour.  Speaking of socks: I found a pair of Lorpen wool ski socks that I wear when I don’t want cold toes.  Who says ski socks are only for skiing?  Well of course I had to put on every article at the same time and take a silly picture!

As it turns out, winter isn’t quite here yet.  All that wool had me all sweaty in a couple minutes.  Thank god.  I wouldn’t dare rush winter knowing how long it’s likely to last when it gets here.  So tell me, do you love or loath the thought of getting out your winter jacket for the first time?