If I had the money, I’ll tell you what I’d do.  I’d go downtown and buy a Mercury, but only one because parking is pricey in this city.  That was David Lindley by the way, not that other country hack.  I was out shopping a couple days ago and spotted this car.  At first I watched to see if Sam Jackson and John Travolta were going to climb out and pull a gun on me.  Once I was satisfied that the car wasn’t occupied I came up for a closer look.  Turns out it’s a ’64 Mercury.I’m so bored of the way cars are styled these days that I find myself looking at classic cars for ideas, as many car manufacturers do.  I think there’s a doosey in this ’64 Mercury.  Check out the inverse angle of the rear window!  I’ve never seen a window like that before.  When it rains, the window stays dry improving your visibility in bad weather.  Maybe it’s also aerodynamic!  I suppose we’ll have to wait for the mythbusters to sort that one out.Just imagine if the new Ford Taurus had a rear window cut like this.  It would look so fast.  I hope this style comes back in some form to cars in the 21st century.

Fun Fact:  the word doosey (as in “That was a doosey!”) comes from the car company Duesenberg, an auto manufacturer producing luxury cars between 1913 and 1937.  Google the company and I think you’ll see why.