Too many people travel to the same place for their vacation year after year and miss out on the rest of the world.  Likewise, too many people go to a place and strike it off their list never to think about it again.  Today I’m addressing the second bunch.  If you’ve got a mental (or physical) list of places you’ve been then you may be a country collector.  I urge you to hit the same place two or even three time.  I do have to warn you though, four is too many.  Check out the two pictures below.

  Laura in Venice 2005

Laura in Venice, 2012

Now I didn’t choose to go to Venice twice and had it been up to me I likely never would have.  But a funny thing happens when you see the same sights when you’re older and wiser: they’re different, or at least you see them differently.  When I saw Venice at twenty-two I read every plaque, studied every building and took pictures of absolutely everything.  When I was sixteen I was thoroughly interested in my own shoes and when was dinner.

I really think there is a happy middle ground between looking at travel (and life in general) as just notches in your belt and knowing the concierge at the Two Palms resort in Wakawaka by name.  Don’t be a snob about enjoying what you love but never stop trying new and exciting things.

This graffito was on a wall in Milan. Too bad no one in Milan speaks English.