“Never Altered

Billions Read It

Millions Memorize it

Ever Wonder Why?”

Actually yes!  I have wondered why.  In fact in history, my own field of study, all we do is look at the way things are and wonder why they are that way.  In short, certain ideas have great memetic value; that is, they are very likely to be passed from one person to another, and another.  This means that ideas that people feel that they have to pass on, such as “Read this or burn in hell!”, tend to be be spread around a lot regardless of how true they are and ideas like “The origin of species by means of natural selection.” tend not to be shared.  You don’t see links to important historical or scientific books posted on your facebook stream often do you?

Again, I’m being hard on this poor guy.  It’s cold and he’s just trying to help people by sharing info that he thinks really is important.  But the thing that’s great about our free country is that anyone can stand on the street corner and say anything they want and the reason that’s great is because ridicule is how we weed out the good stuff from the bad stuff.  That’s how we got rid of flat earth theory, continental drip, holistic medicine (almost) and baby mozart.  Criticism is our friend.  Don’t forget that.

So here we go…

Never altered?  Well no.  You would have to have an original manuscript to show that the current version is the same as the original and that doesn’t exist.  Wikipedia says that long after Muhammad died there was a committee that came up with the standardized version.  Surely in deciding which of the many versions of different verses to use, that committee never made any alterations.  Hey but wait…

Billions read it?  I googled it and there are an estimated 1.6 billion muslims in the world and if they are as bad at reading their book as I was at reading the bible when I went to church, this number is way off as well.  Besides, asking who reads the Quran in many countries is like asking if you eat kids in Canada IE it’s against the law to answer wrong.  Read: possible methodological problems.

Millions memorize it?  If there were stats on this they would be about as reliable as statistics on nose picking or skid marks.  Anyways, no one can really make a claim either way.

So there you have it: the peer review process applied to street preachers.