Vanity Fair’s November 2012 issue came to my local magazine rack this week  with a big picture of Daniel Craig’s face on it.  Now I’m a fan of Craig as Bond (Connery, Brosnan, Craig in that order) but I’m an enormous fan of his in everything else, especially in conversation.  Last time he was featured in Vanity Fair, Craig completed the Proust Questionnaire alongside Matt Damon and George Clooney and he was the only one who came off with any wit or humour.

Today I would like to digitally pat Craig on the back for being blunt and honest even when there’s a reported in the room.  so many Celebrities, the ones who do yoga and fight to free tibet, answer questions like they have Deepak Chopra speaking into an earpiece.  Responding to accusations that the Bond franchise was being coarsened by the paid placement of a Heineken in a bar scene Craig replied as follows:

“A movie like this costs $180 million to make–it’s the nature of it, the size of the movie.  And it costs another $200 million to sell it.  So, the $200 million has to come from somewhere.  Now, product placement, which every way you look at it, whether you like it or you think it’s disgusting, or whatever, it’s just what it is.  Heineken gave us a ton of money to be in a shot in a bar.  So, how easy is that?  Just to say, O.K., there’s a Heineken.  It’s there–it’s in the back of the shot.  Without them, the movie couldn’t get sold, so that all got kind of blown up. . . I’ll drink a beer in the shot, I’m happy to, but I’m not going to do an “Ahhhhh!”

Vanity Fair November 2012, p. 142.

There you have it.  Just because there’s a reporter in the room doesn’t mean everything you say has to be hokey, artsey-fartsey, nonsense (George Clooney).  No Heiny, no movie.