I’ve found  a new favourite place to go shopping and it may not be what you expect.  Kensington Village is home to a little shop called Jessica Season Wear which advertises the sale of: “JEANS – T-SHIRTS – SWEAT SHIRTS – PANTS – JACKETS – WINTER COATS – SEASON ITEMS”.  Now, when they say “season items”, I have learned that what they mean, for the post part, is “items from the previous season”.  Currently their main displays are sunglasses and sun hats.  The shopping experience at this fine retailer is second to none.  There is a wide variety of styles and colours, so many that you can barely walk around inside.  Furthermore, the asian lady who is always manning the cash, Jessica I presume, is always available to give you her full attention, hovering over you the whole time and encouraging you to buy things you don’t want.  I recently made a couple purchases at this store.  The first item that I got is pictured below:Looks alright doesn’t it?  This belt was $2.99 and it says genuine leather right on it!  They would never lie to me would they?  Here’s the second item I bought:This hat was $4.99.  As you can see it’s a knit toque lined with Thinsulate synthetic insulation, and this time I don’t think it’s fake.  I can’t imagine anyone making fake synthetic insulation.

Now my purpose wasn’t to show you my new things, the purpose was to point out that the display, lighting, advertising, and customer service has nothing to do with the products you’re buying.  I could go buy a knit toque at H&M for $30 and it would never be as warm.  Is it nice to have friendly salespeople, clean and tidy stores and nice lighting when you’re shopping?  Of course.  Just don’t think it comes free.  Sometimes great things are sold in awful stores.  Sometimes awful things are sold in beautiful stores.  Don’t let them fool you into thinking something has quality because of the quality of the presentation.  So take a little verbal abuse, dig through a pile of crap, and find some treasures at Jessica Season Wear.Finally, here’s Laura looking mischievous on our day out in Kensington.  We can only guess what evil thoughts were going through her head.