I found, okay I looked for, another drawing from my artistic past.  I have an admission to make.  I believe that the highschool/university period in our lives is the most fruitful.  When all those hormones and angst are coursing through our veins, we come up with the most incredible ideas.  Testosterone is like opium for your brain and we all know all the greats love opium.  Then we get older and call pubescent teenagers naive, idealistic and other such filthy compliments.  When I was a teenager, every day I was inspired to make art and every thing that I frantically spewed onto a page was pure gold.  If I can hold onto an ounce of that energy as I transition into a life as an old fart then I’ll be happy.

Here’s the gem I found.  I can’t be sure what I was thinking when I did it but I’m sure it was deep.  Feel free to decode the symbolism of my teenaged brain.  The best my pathetic adult mind can come up with is: “If you read the news like a giant robot you’ll walk off a figurative cliff.”