I, like many, got interested in photography because the pictures I took with little point and shoot cameras and zero photographic knowledge didn’t look like what I saw in the world and what I had in my head.  Between then and now I’ve learned a lot, and bought a lot of cameras, but I’ve always subscribed to the great B.B. King’s idea that if it looks good, it is good.  Okay, he said if it sounds good it is good, but it goes for anything.  In art, the only thing that really matters is if you like it.  That’s why I love photography tricks that you can do with almost no equipment that still looks awesome.  If you’re interested in how it works check out this video from Digital Rev TV.  You can click on each picture to see it full sized.Now I may not have chosen the most exciting or glamourous subjects, but I chose two of each shot so you can see how the composition really is made by where you move the flashlight.  You can choose what you want to stand out by shining more light on it.  Not bad for a first attempt eh?