FOLLOW,LIKE, COMMENT.  That’s the magic trifecta that makes the whole blogosphere keep turning.

I hit 1000 views on the blog today!  That’s total, not today only.  After only two and a half weeks I’ve already learned so much about web publishing, networking, SEO, and there’s loads more to learn.  You may not know this but I get to see how many readers I have, what they read, how they found me, and what country they’re from.  Hello to my readers from the UK, australia. austria, italy, indonesia, india, okay there are too many countries to list all of their homelands.  Anyways, thanks for reading, follow on wordpress or by email if you like what I write, and share with your friends if you really like what I write.  And do not forget, I love to read your comments, especially if you don’t like or disagree with what I say.  Like most things in life, it’s more fun with friends.