For many of us, our most vivid nature experiences have been narrated by David Attenborough.  It often seems that our LCD screens show us a more beautiful and colourful view of nature than nature.  I remember the first time I dove with tropical fish thinking “they don’t look as bright and colourful as the underwater documentaries that I’ve seen.”  Well a couple days ago, nature showed what it was made of, hitting us with more colour than any documentary could capture, the kind of colour so intense and so pure that you think you’re looking at an oil painting.  As the fall turns to winter and the warmth and cheer drains from our stern northern faces, nature gives us one of the most spectacular sights on earth, the changing of the leaves.  David Attenborough certainly agrees with me.  It may be a cliché, but I say you’re crazy if you don’t get out and enjoy it.  After all, it’s going to be a long cold winter.