There is an ongoing struggle in every man’s life between comfort and convenience.  I’m talking about wallets.  They hold all the stuff you need every day, but they make an unsightly lump in either the front or the back of your trousers: neither a good thing.  I’ve been meaning to do what GQ has instructed me to do for a long time and simplify my life.  I cannot put my wallet in my pants pocket so I have to carry a satchel or murse in the summer.  When winter rolls around I put my wallet in the pocket of a heavy coat.  But no more I say!  Here’s the old wallet.Now as wallets go, mine is pretty small.  I’ve had it for years and it kept getting smaller and smaller.  But if you wear slim trousers there’s no way you’re getting this bad boy into your front pocket.  The new wallet I got came from roots.  It has two card slots, one on each side.  It’s simple unlined black leather, it’s made in Canada, and it’s half the thickness of my old wallet.Not since I started wearing leather boots has a purchase so improved my quality of life.  I can put my wallet in my pocket and it’s like it’s not even there.  There is a downside of course.  Now I only carry my ID, health card, debit, visa, and a few bills because it’s all I have room for.  Now when I go to Second Cup, I can’t get every eleventh coffee for free.  Woe is me!  Some men will find it a real challenge to pare down the contents of their fat wallet until it’s this small, but I urge you to find a way.  No more pocket bulge, no more hurting your butt when you sit down, no more mandatory murse.

Of course I had to get a matching black leather key fob.  It is after all the little things that make life beautiful.  In the comments, tell me how you deal with the inconvenience of your fat wallet and, if you insist, make some excuses for your lumpy behind.