We Canadians often pay more attention to American Elections that we do our own.  Thus the question I’ve been hearing a lot is “Does it really make a difference?”  Articles like this one suggest that there is so much manditory spending and so many debt payments that the president cannot really change the budget.  I don’t know whether or not to believe this stuff and I have no means by which I might check the numbers.  Believe me, I tried.  Maybe that’s one of the problems, that people just keep blurting stuff out and people decide which is true based on. . . what sounds truer?  I don’t know.  Obama has been a huge disappointment to many of us.  Although he’s certainly much better at articulating his goals than George Bush ever was, he has done just what American presidents have always done in his foreign policy.  The one thing that seems undisputable is that, if America values the world’s respect, it made the right choice.  The BBC published the graph below showing global support for presidential candidates by nation. (Pakistan, what are you thinking?)  So, even if Obama has not lived up to our expectations, and even if he has no power to make meaningful change, America has chosen, by a very narrow margin, not to embarras itself in front of the whole world.

Good goin’ Amurca.

A graph published by the BBC showing global support for presidential candidates in the 2012 US presidential election