Fall is spectacular, but all good things must come to an end, and often quickly.  I featured the incredible colours of fall in my post nature turns up the vivid control.  Please, compare and contrast.  It helps me understand why everyone in Toronto wears black in the winter.  We’re mourning.  In just over a week the golden and scarlet leaves have fallen and turned soggy and brown leaving the trees barren, as if waiting for winter winds to arrive.

This great metamorphosis left a little detritus lying about my dad’s yard in London, Ontario.  We had to deal with that of course.

My job was to drag all the leaves from the driveway and the healthy part of the lawn and put them on the sandy part of the lawn where the grass doesn’t grow quite so well.  That’s right, we were just moving the leaves around so that we could run over them with the lawnmower.  Why you ask?  Because the alternative is to go to the store, buy some yard-waste bags, fill ’em up with organic waste and send them to the dump only to go back to the store in the spring and buy a bunch of bags of organic waste.  In other words, leaves are fertilizer, just leave them there.

Here is the mascot for Sonic Buddha, a band I work with, taking a very zen approach to the impending doom.

Sonic Buddha MascotFor the first time in my memory, people are actually looking at the winter ahead with fear.  Perhaps it’s the weather that Sandy brought with her, perhaps it’s the long term forecasts that tell us we’re in for a cold one.  I don’t know but I see a lot of bleak faces around the city.  Bundle up folks.

Winter is coming.