Last night I had the pleasure of attending “Casino Royale” a dinner dance hosted by the University of Toronto’s Chemical Engineering department.  It was held in the beautiful ballroom at One King West Hotel.  The theme of the evening corresponded with the Canadian opening of the new Bond film, as well as a sudden desire I have had to own, and learn how to tie, a bow-tie.  As it turns out, it’s very challenging to find a real bow-tie these days.  I hunted all over the city for a simple black silk bow-tie that wasn’t pre-tied.  Finally I found one at Stollery’s, an old menswear shop on Bloor St.  Once you’ve found one, it’s even harder to tie it.  It took me two hours to sort out the knot and It’s still far from perfect.  Here’s some pictures from the event.And as usual, I had the best looking date in the whole place.  This event was perfect to get us in the mood for the new Bond movie.  If only it had ended in a gun fight it would have been perfect.  Here’s one of Laura and I one our way out.