Like in architecture, scope is a crucial consideration in personal style.  I always strive to blend in from a distance and perfect the details.  From twenty feet off, I think I’m pretty plain.  I like people to notice my style when they get up close.

With this in mind, I was out looking for a new set of earphones, nothing fancy, just a pair to replace the broken set that came with my phone.  Here’s what I came up with:

When I saw these I had to have them.  They remind me of being a kid, when anything to do with guns was exciting.  I also love the idea of firing the music directly into my head.  They’re real metal too.  I am a little concerned that’ll be a problem when the weather gets really cold.  But as I said before, the best part is that they look normal from a distance but when you get close they have a little surprise.

Unfortunately they don’t sound very good.  But earphones aren’t meant to sound good, they’re meant to look cool…right?