In an attempt to improve my fellow humans, I have decided to start cataloguing all the little things that are wrong with the way people speak English.

Today we feature the word: UNDOUBTEDLY

This is not a problem with written english but with pronunciation.  Most people say UN-DOUBT-AB-LY as though whatever you are referring to could not be doubted, it is not able to be doubted.  But really, everything is doubtable so there is no such thing as undoubtable and thus no such thing as undoubtably.

The proper pronunciation is UN-DOUBT-ED-LY  (UN-DOW-TED-LEE) which refers to something that is not doubted.  This makes a lot more sense.  There are loads of things that are not doubted, or at least not usually.

So there you have it.  It’s become rather posh to be a language snob and correct others.  It gives people something to feel superior about.  But no matter how many mistakes you find in other people’s language, I’ll try my best to find faults in yours (and revel in my own superiority).  I do realize that this makes me a target for all kinds of scrutiny and corrective eyes, but I seek to improve my own knowledge of written and spoken English so bring it on.

So did I catch you?  Are you an erudite wordsmith who can’t pronounce undoubtedly?  Feel free to keep score.  There’s more to come.