Comfortable is a weird word.  If something is breakable, it means one could break it.  If something is comfortable it means one could . . . comfort it?  It really shouldn’t even be a word.  We have the word comforting which could apply to all things that are comfortable, or all things that comfort us.

But that’s not my big beef with the word.  My problem is that there are very few people that I’ve met or heard speak who can pronounce it properly.  The word should be pronounced like this:




But that’s not how people pronounce comfortable.  Instead we tend to say it like this:




That’s not just a slight mispronunciation, it’s getting the letters in the wrong order.  I catch myself making this mistake all the time, but I try my best to get it right.

It is one of the most deeply engrained mistakes I’ve noticed.  I suppose that’s good news for me because it means there are more mistakes that we all make I’ve not even noticed yet.  I always need more material.