On the morning of January first I awoke and strolled into my hallway to to find that someone had spilled their rotten guts into the decorative vase that sits on the table opposite the elevators.  Luckily they had had time to pull the fake flowers out before they chuffed.  Unfortunately, their state of intoxication was affecting their aim and they only got about half the spew in the container.  Some of you may see a vase full of puke as a smelly mess, but I see much more: the evidence of a rager the night before.  I see a bunch of girls stumbling out of the apartment down the hall meaning to head downstairs to get a cab home.  They call the elevator and, as they stand waiting, one girl feels that oh-so-familiar feeling of chuck creeping up from her stomach to her throat.  Then she turns, sees the vase, runs to it, pulls the plastic flowers out, and as the contents of the evening come forth, she tries to get it all through the rather small opening in the vase with some success.  She then gets in the elevator and leaves, the vase never again crossing her mind.

When you consider a vase full of puke in this way, I submit that it’s pretty funny and amusing.  A little storytelling and imagination turns morning messes into inspiration.  I invite you to imagine what might have come of the people who left these clues behind.  Be dark, be funny, just don’t be boring.tumbler on the lawnBeer in a parking lothanger on a sign