A couple nights ago, Nike Running held their Defeat Winter event.  It wasn’t a race, it was what Nike called a collective movement.  There were about 200 people divided into nine groups.  Everyone ran around a track continuously as the groups were called in order to do challenges in an military-style obstacle course in the middle.  In the end we ran for about an hour and made two passes through the obstacle course (once wearing sunglasses).  Afterward, we were served hot food and cold drinks.


The event happened to fall on the coldest week of the years.  We missed the coldest day of the year by a day.  The temperature, according to my phone, reached -16 celsius.  Sound’s horrible, no?  But something awesome happened.  Somewhere between the freezing parking lot, and the snowy obstacle course, winter disappeared.  We were out in the deepest darkest part of winter without coats or appropriate footwear and none of us were the least bit cold.  I for one overheated and had to start taking clothes off.  And worst of all, when we stopped running it instantly returned and we remembered how crazy the whole thing was.


So when people ask me why I run outside in the winter, when they say “It’s too cold to run outside!” I can now tell them that running is one of the only things that makes sense outside in the winter.  The colder it gets the more sense it makes.

Why aren’t you running?  Are you crazy?  You’re going to freeze!