I had a dark room and a camera.  What to do other than take another shot at light painting and what better subject than my other pair of boots!  I took a lot of shots this time and, as before, I was blown away by the amazing quality of light.  All of these effects are achieved only with the LED light on my mobile phone and all 5 second exposures at F 3.5.  Because you can move your light source around during the exposure, you can get the look of a light studio with many lights.  Here’s a few of the cool looks you can get with one LED.IMG_1254This is the look you can get when you only light an object from above.  There’s enough bounce off the boot and the table to light the wall behind a little to give you a nice silhouette with enough detail to see the colour and the style.IMG_1257On this one I attempted to light the boot from all sides.  The white flash is the LED light shining directly into the lens.  It’s also important to remember that when light painting you can put your hands and arms in the frame.  If the exposure is long and you don’t stay still too long they won’t show up.  IMG_1253This one was my favourite.  It really has the look of a ring-light.  You can see where the light was coming from because you can see the blue glow of my phone’s LCD screen.

If you’re a penniless photo enthusiast, I challenge you to find a faster, cheaper, and more visually stunning way to do still photography.  There are endless ways to modify the technique, different type of light, mixing lights, double exposures, the only limit is your imagination.

Next I plan to try light painting portraiture.  I just have to find someone really good at sitting still.