I’ve been working on a few limericks lately but I’ve found that the last line is the toughest to write.  So for you are a few original 4-line line Limericks.  I’m hoping they’ll bother you as much as they do me.


Two old men in matching pyjamas

Booked a holiday to the Bahamas.

Upon their arrival

They fought for survival


An airplane mechanic named Mike

Took a couple days off for a hike

An airplane came down

And killed his whole town


While resting his feet atop blorenge

Mackenzie peeled open an orange.

He tossed it away

For to his dismay


A limerick’s tricky to write

Without sounding hokey or trite.

The start isn’t tough

But then it gets rough

Annoying isn’t it?

In the comments below, please share either a four or five line limerick of your own invention or just your favourite limerick penned by another.  And do try to keep it clean.


. . .


Ok fine.  I’ll leave you with my favourite limerick: all five lines of it.


There was an old bastard named Lenin

Who did three or four million men in.

‘Twas a lot to have done in

But where he did one in

That old bastard Stalin did ten in.