I was asked to do some pictures to use as promo for an upcoming play.  The idea was to create a portrait of a woman with a severe expression, red and blue lights, and caution tape covering her mouth.  As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do with a Canon G10, a black bed sheet and a few bits and bobs from the dollar store.Light Painting LauraUsually when I want something to look awesome with no preparation I try to paint with light.  You might remember light painting from one of my earlier posts.  I really wanted to try it out with a human subject to see what sort of detail I could get and how long I could push the exposures.  Laura was a good sport and sat almost perfectly still for many 15 second exposures to give me enough time to play with lights.

The lights I used were a white LED flashlight, which gave her that ghostly skin tone, a red LED head lamp, providing key light and the pattern in the background, and a red and blue glow stick for bands of colour in the foreground.  I was surprised at what an even and multi-directional light the white flashlight gave to her face.  Overall I think light painting portraiture was a huge success and I’m eager to try some new techniques and lights to get different effects.

If you want to see some other shots from our session, click here to see my light painting album on flickr.