Dear Justin,

Your victory in the race for leadership of the liberal party has been making news lately.  Even people who don’t normally care about Canadian politics are talking about you.  Personally, you won me over by being the only canadian politician in my memory of any party to take youth issues seriously.

Just days after your leadership was announced, the Conservative party released their campaign attack ad, only it’s not really a campaign ad because the campaign hasn’t started.  It’s just a smear campaign.  And it was released so soon after your leadership was announced that it was almost certainly produced preemptively.    This move wreaks of fear: fear of the momentum that can carry charismatic men like yourself to positions of power.  But as you know, the Conservatives may be the worst of the lot for spending illegal amounts of money on personal attacks, but they aren’t the only party trying to defame their opponents.

I write this to beg you: be the first Canadian leader in recent memory to maintain some self respect and denounce attack ads.  They’re pathetic.  It’s the kind of schoolyard mud-flinging that convinces Canadians that all parties have an equally small share in dignity and integrity.

I believe that the new Conservative smear campaign is so pitiful that it represents a tipping point and that Canadians are ready to hear a voice of integrity over the droan of slander and personal attacks.  Have the courage to be that voice.


A young Canadian optimist.