The question in the title must be rhetorical because the answer is so obviously yes.  I recently watched Christina Aguilera’s video for the single “Your Body.”  You might expect that the body was a living, breathing human body being referred to as a sex object, as is the case in most pop songs.  On the contrary: it seems to refer to the bloodied and battered male body after a vicious assault that he didn’t see coming because he was seduced by a scantily clad woman at a bar.

I’m no stranger to the genre of songs about jilted women getting their revenge.  One of the most well known is Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” in which she describes slashing her cheating lover’s tires, carving up his car seats and smashing his headlights.  Blu Cantrell had a song called “Hit ’em up style” in which she catches her man cheating and gets revenge by maxing out his credit card then selling all his belongings.  Oddly she pays the credit bills in the end but she does it late so that his credit scores will be messed up! Ouch!

As for Christina Aguilera, she is told by a TV psychic that she’s going to have a “killer week”.  She then uses her sexuality to get a man to pick her up from the roadside, she coaxes him to sleep, and she blows up the car with him inside it.  Next she goes to a bar, flirts with a guy, coaxes him into the mens room for a quickie and leaves him dead on the toilet.  Instead of blood, the stall is splattered with blue paint.  Finally she flirts with the clerk at a convenience store, lures him to a cheap motel room and smashes his head in with a baseball bat, this time the blood spatter being replaced with a shower of pink confetti.  This is a woman who is a prominent voice in the movement to stop violence against women.

Now I can call myself neither feminist nor a mens rights activist.  I identify with neither cause and I think that both are fatally flawed in their methodology.  I do however think it’s everyone’s prerogative to point out hypocrisy whenever possible.  In matters of equality, all you have to do to examine a case is to switch the parties.

Imagine a man who’s girlfriend has cheated who is so distraught that he trashes her car.  I think we would all find this pretty repugnant.  The same can be said for a man who sells all of his girlfriends belongings and runs up her credit card bill.  We’d all hate him for it.  Now imagine a man who goes around seducing women, taking them to private places, slaughtering them violently and bathing joyously in the contents of their dead bodies.  Sounds to me like a slasher film about serial killer.

I have to make myself clear: I am no advocate of censorship.  I think that if a woman wants to shoot a video glorifying the slaughter of men, she’s perfectly within her rights to do so.  I feel the same way for men.  The problem is that if the latter video were produced it would never air: it would be deemed hate speech, the video would be banned, violence against women group, and probably Christina Aguilera herself, would protest and the status quo would be preserved.

Haters of violence: have some integrity.  If ever a stink deserved raising it’s here.  Media shouldn’t glorify violence against anyone because of their gender.  If you revile one and not the other, you’re complicit.  SO go to work people, start a protest!