Night photography typically requires either a tripod, allowing you to shoot at extremely slow shutter speeds, or a really fast (and expensive) lens.  Well what if you want to shoot handheld at F2.8?  All’s not lost as long as you embrace the l0-fi.  I spent the last couple nights out shooting in the neighborhood with the light gates wide open.  Just get all that light into the camera and see what it looks like.  Well, as it happens, shooting at the extreme end of your camera’s capabilities creates a cool etherial glow in the city, as long as you don’t fuss over a little motion blur.


Aperture Priority F2.8

Exposure Comp +2

ISO 1600IMG_1426 IMG_1417 IMG_1414 IMG_1412It’s good to remind myself that sharpness isn’t everything.  The emotional impact of a picture the goal of photography.  Also, a blurry and noisy shot of something cool is way better than no shot at all.

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