Parts of downtown Toronto are covered in a shiny facade of marble, steel, and glass.  But you don’t have to go far to see the old city peeking through between the cracks.  Once I started to look for it, I began to see how superficial the gleaming city is.  It’s like a veneer on the old crumbling brick townhouses and factories.   IMG_1644This is the alleyway behind the beautiful old building that’s now Club Monaco on Bloor.IMG_1517This is the alley behind a very nice and probably very expensive house near the University of Toronto.IMG_1604And this is Chinatown where they don’t even try to spruce things up.

To love this city, you have to love the crumbling brick, the iron fire escapes, the dark back alleys, the leaded glass windows and everything else that’s underneath the thin layer shiny that the tourists see when they walk down the main street.