Picture this.  You’ve reached a rough spot in your life.  Things aren’t going the way you’d like them too.  Maybe there’s been a crisis.  Maybe someone close to you is in trouble.  In this time of need, you confide in a friend.  This friend listens to your problems and gives you a piece of advice: don’t do anything.  When life gives you lemons, leave those lemons alone.  The best way to solve a problem is to ignore it!  Now consider:

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom:

“Let it be.”

What kind of wisdom is that?  Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  but Paul McCartney says “Nooooo.  The world is a tough place but just let it be.”  If you try to separate the idea from the pretty song and the soothing diction it’s pretty awful advice.  It’s the opposite of the Trooper’s didactic masterpiece Raise a Little Hell which teaches “If your don’t like what you’ve got why don’t you change it?  If your world is all screwed up rearrange it!”  Paul McCartney would say “If you don’t like what you’ve got let it be.  If your world is all screwed up let it be.”  You see Mother Mary’s wisdom starts to lose its value when you apply it to problems.

Be weary of music.  Pop music is complicated.  It’s a multimedia art combining sounds and poetry.  Just because the sounds are nice doesn’t mean the poetry is any good, and just because the poetry sounds pleasant doesn’t mean the message is good or true.