One of the things that I enjoy most about film photography is that you have a limited number of frames.  When I step out into the street, I usually only have one or two rolls of film with me and I almost never use more than one.  Knowing that you have to pay to process each frame forces you to be highly critical of your technique, composition, and to prioritize your subjects.

Digital is the opposite.  I recently bought a 32GB memory card for my camera.  My RAW images are about 20MB.  That means I can put 1600 images onto a card, and I have several cards.  Furthermore there’s no processing cost to worry about.  You can shoot ten frames and delete all but the best one in camera.

Film photography better suits my temperament, but having nearly unlimited frames does open up the opportunity to explore some cool techniques.  One such method is sometimes called “shooting from the hip”.  Like a cowboy draws his six-shooter and shoots from the hip, you take photos in the same way, and without looking in the viewfinder.  Most of the pictures are very badly composed, but when the pieces fall in the right place, the perspective and angles can be really different from anything you can find in your viewfinder.  Here are a few shots from the hip:IMG_7078IMG_7080IMG_7084IMG_7083To check out more of my photos, view my flickr photostream.