There was a story in the news recently that was so stupid it was undeserving of my attention or that of anyone else.  Then the story got even more stupid: so stupid that I feel compelled chime in and add to this circus of stupidity, this black hole of journalism and intellect.

Justin Bieber got into the kitchen at a bar, peed in a bucket, and cursed former US president Bill Clinton while spraying cleaner on his photo.  This is the kind of dumb stuff that stupid young people do.  It’s not surprising and it’s not newsworthy.  But it’s Justin Bieber.  When he farts it makes headlines, so it had to be discussed all over the entertainment rags and the internet.  Then something even more pathetic happened.  Someone thought that the kind of person who pees in buckets has some sort of responsibility not to insult a former US president.  The topic of respect was discussed at length, as if an immature pop star should be held to a standard of public political discourse.

Bieber called Bill Clinton on the phone and he actually answered!!!  This moron who pees in buckets said mean things about a former president, called to apologize and he actually answered!  What is wrong with these people?  There is no scandal when stupid young people do stupid things.  The only outrage is that the restaurant didn’t call the police.  Doesn’t Bill Clinton have something better to do?  Can’t the public realize that Justin Bieber is a young pop star and lose their expectation that he make socially and politically responsible decisions?

This kind of thing doesn’t deserve a response, especially from Bill Clinton.  A stupid person did a stupid thing.  It’s not news.  A world where the public demands that stupid youths don’t disrespect politicians, yet don’t notice when politicians have the time to take personal calls from stupid youths, is a world with its priorities all messed up.