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IMG_8409While out walking the Thames Valley Trail this week, there were ample macro subjects to shoot.  Macro photography is fun for one main reason: even if you don’t have super fast glass you can get a nice shallow depth of field and play with tasty Bokeh.  Here are a few shots from my walk:

IMG_8367 IMG_8414 IMG_8393


IMG_7378IMG_6847IMG_7567Top Tip for broke-ass street togs:

Can’t afford a soft-box?  Find a big backlit sign with a white background, the kind of thing they put on store fronts like the Gap, and you’ve got yourself a nice soft light for night portraits in the city!

I’ve written a guest post for a fantastic blog that i’ve been following for months called sixty7architectureroad.  It looks at Toronto’s condo boom and imagines a Blade-Runner-like future where the rich live many stories above the poor and the streets become ghettos.  Click through the link below to read the full text.