My name is Ian Angus McLennan.  I’m an aspiring writer and photographer and I created this blog inspire me to keep writing and taking pictures every day.  After growing up in St. Thomas, Ontario, Toronto is like the land of inspiration and stimulation so I’ve moved to the city to live, work, and practice my craft.  My City Musings has no topical boundaries: I’ll write and photograph whatever tickles me at the time, filling in the intellectual spaces between my other lives.

In addition to this blog, I also write and copyedit for the Mindfirst News Blog, a blog combining news on global energy issues and on Mindfirst Inc., and for the Future of Nuclear News Blog, combining news about nuclear power generation and the Future of Nuclear Conference.

You can read about my travels in spain my visiting my travel blog, como un pulpo en un garaje.

And check out my flickr photostream to see some of my photography from this blog and other projects.

I also operate the ianamclennan youtube channel with lots of cool stuff.

And finally, visit my linkedin professional profile if you’re interested in all that business jargon, mumbo-jumbo, malarky.

This photo was taken by my beautiful girlfriend Laura at her parents’ apartment in Madrid.